Mulberry Silk Filled Pillow

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A luxurious and health-conscious pillow. Filled with clouds of Grade AAA Mulberry Silk and encased in premium 100% Bamboo Viscose. The cuddliest pillow you will ever sleep on.

  • Beautifully supple, molding to the shape of your head for optimal comfort
  • All-natural fibers, these exquisite pillows help people to sleep better through a calming and breathable experience, whilst minimizing the risk of allergies
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers or people who struggle with heat at night


  • Includes one silk pillow
  • Medium profile – soft, supple, and luxurious
  • Hand-made filling, layered by our artisans
  • Filled with clouds of Grade AAA Mulberry Silk and encased in Bamboo
  • Sustainable Bamboo from certified wild crops/agriculture and pesticide-free
  • Premium weave of Bamboo for maximum exterior softness
  • OEKO-TEX certified product (no harmful chemicals used in production)



  • Small spillages can be treated with a clean white damp cloth
  • Air twice a year or dry clean


Silk Pillow Benifits:

  • Healthy – non-toxic and inhabitable to dust-mites
  • Temperature-regulating – silk is a cooling all-natural fiber
  • Supple – wrapped in clouds of silk for soft to medium support
  • Luxurious – a truly unique and calming experience

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