myProtector Wool® by Sleep & Beyond

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The ultimate waterproof 100% natural, 2-in-1, washable wool filled mattress protector.



  • This unique 2-in-1 waterproof protector adds a nourishing protective layer to the mattress, protecting it from stains, spills, and bacteria.
  • myProtector, filled with 100% washable wool, offers great breathability resulting in maintained core body temperatures without overheating.
  • Say goodbye to that cold and clammy feeling because the 100% natural, washable wool and cotton quilting wicks all moisture away from the body.
  • Ideal for someone who experiences overheating or overcooling during sleep.
  • Ideal for someone who has allergies to dust mites, mold and mildew and looking for a great investment.
  • The fitted skirt can easily accommodate a mattress up to 18” pocket.


  • Filling: 100% washable wool.
  • Top fabric: 100% natural cotton percale, 270TC.
  • Lining/Skirt: 100% waterproof recyclable microfiber.
  • Machine washable.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Up to 18”.


♥ myProtector Universal Fit Factor

Our myProtectors are made slightly bigger (appx. 2in wider and 2in longer) than US mattress standard sizes. For a better fit, please wash myProtectors in warm water and dry on low heat and it will shrink just enough to be perfect on your mattress.


♥ Understanding the Aroma of Wool

You may experience some wool aroma when you have just opened myProtector or after the first wash.
It is not a chemical smell, rather an authentic wool smell, which assures you are receiving the true and pure wool filled product, free of harmful chemicals, toxins and synthetics. It will dissipate within few days after opening.

Washing myProtectors twice in warm water with eco-friendly scented detergent and drying on low heat will also help to eliminate the smell. Sun drying is optional and may take bit longer to dry.


For Split King and Split Cal King Beds
Please order two units to cover both split beds.


Size: Crib 28x52in (71 x 132cm)
Wool fill: 0.4 lbs., 6oz. per sq. yd.; (187 grams)

Size: Twin 39x76in (99 x 193cm)
Wool fill: 0.84 lbs., 6 oz. per sq. yd.; (382 grams)

Size: Twin XL 39x81in (99 x 206cm)
Wool fill: 0.9 lbs., 6 oz. per sq. yd.; (407 grams)

Size: Full 54x76in (137 x 193cm)
Wool fill: 1.17 lb., 6 oz. per sq. yd.; (529 grams)

Size: Queen 60x80in (152 x 203cm)
Wool fill: 1.4 lbs., 6 oz. per sq. yd.; (617 grams)

Size: King 76x80in (193 x 203cm)
Wool fill: 1.73 lbs., 6 oz. per sq. yd.; (783 grams)

Size: Cal King 72x84in (183 x 213cm)
Wool fill: 1.72 lbs., 6 oz. per sq. yd.; (780 grams)

Size: Split Cal King 37×84″ (94x213cm)
Wool fill: 0.88lbs., 6 oz. per sq. yd.; (400 grams)


Crib, Twin, Twin XL (Split King), Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split Head