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Pillow Talk

Pillow talk in traditional terms is the ultimate in bedtime conversation. This could be an intimate conversation between partners or even a simple chat with your kids before kissing them goodnight. No matter who is involved in the conversation, one thing is for sure…a pillow is needed for pillow talk!

A pillow’s comfort level can be something different for each person. It can be dependent on your sleep position, curvature of the neck, as well as texture and feel. Knowing that all these factors come into play, the best solution for finding a new pillow is to try one. When you visit Snoozzz, we will provide you with options that will help determine your pillow foundation. Some options include woolly puffs, latex shreds, kapok, cotton, and all-natural tencel/recycled poly clusters. Other options include the size and shape. Once we’ve had our pillow talk, the next step is doing a test rest. We set up a range of options that will fit your wants and desires for perfect rest on any number of our organic mattresses. From there, you will be able to customize your desired thickness because some of our pillows are fully adjustable, allowing you to add in or take out as much of the insert as needed to find your perfect pillow fit!

The life expectancy of your pillow can run 1- 8 years depending on the material, care, and use. We recommend using a washable pillow cover to help regulate the amount of dead skin, sweat, and body oils that accumulate from contact with your face, scalp, and hair. In turn, this will help lengthen the pillow’s efficacy since it protects it from being overly saturated.

Come on in and visit us at Snoozzz, we will assist you in finding your perfect pillow fit for great pillow talk!

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